Sunday, October 31, 2010

gorgeous Melbourne home - Jenny Keys and Peter Nyary's terrace

I love it when I walk into a home to style it for the Sunday Life 'my space' page and there are so many beautiful objects, and so many great room angles to choose from.  Actually, it makes it a bit difficult and frustrating, but in a good way, as it always seems such a shame to leave out certain objects or incredible pieces of furniture.  Such was the case at the wonderful home of Jenny Keys and Peter Nyary.  I literally stood in the middle of the room and could have asked Mike to point the camera in any direction, and the shot would have been great.  Jenny and Peter don't mind a bit of stuff, and they like quite different stuff too - but it is so lovingly put together that it works.  That is their decorating philosophy, and the same applies when buying for their fab furniture and homewares store, Nyary 604 (at 604 High Street Prahran).  And the fact that Jenny loves a shot of pink and red together means that I loved her place even more.

This page ran in the Sunday Life magazine yesterday.  Photography by Mike Baker, words and styling by me and copyright owned by Fairfax.


Friday, October 29, 2010

just lovely... and a bit of work avoidance

My mum just dropped in these beautiful roses from her garden.  Orange roses probably wouldn't be my first choice of blooms, but these Just Joey's are so incredible that I could almost change my mind about that.  And they smell like proper roses too,  What a great excuse to faff around and take some photos, when I really should be hard at work up the ladder (below).  I think everyone in Melbourne who isn't having fun drinking champagne at the Spring Racing Carnival this weekend is at home, like us, with a chore-list a mile long.  Anyhoo, back up that ladder I go...

not my idea, but cute and cheap...

my version of the Badge Bag

this is totally not my idea, and I don't want anyone to think I am claiming it, as I have quite shamelessly appropriated the amazing Cath Kidston's idea for a badge bag.  I am a huge fan of Cath, I love her fabric designs, and I am desperate to buy a digital print wallpaper for my bedroom.  But I am also quite sensible, and get a kick out of using stuff I already have to make something beautiful.  So when I saw her fabulous Badge Bag, I thought, that's what I can do with all of my old buttons and badges, and the few new brooches I have bought this year.  A quick trip to the disposals store and I had a $6.95 canvas bag ready to embellish.  However, a closer inspection will reveal a few blush-worthy secrets: yes, I was a Brownie; and yes, I was a Library Monitor.
the wonderful Cath Kidston original

Sunday, October 24, 2010

any colour, as long as it is pink, part two

Betty and Zorg paint the beach pink in Betty Blue.

Jules' fab apartment makeover in St Elmo's Fire.

The other day I was chatting to a friend about the movie sets and scenes the we had found the most visually intoxicating, and I realised that the two scenes that kept popping into my head were ones that involved pink paint.  Quel surprise to anyone that has seen my home,,, but isn't it funny how some visuals will stay with you forever.  Here are my top two movie moments involving pink paint. Does anyone else have a favourite movie paint scene... or is it just me???

the dog son...

Those of you who know me are quite aware that I am UTTERLY OBSESSED with Dougal, my 12 month old Golden Retriever. I am hopelessly in love with him. So naturally, any chance I get to show him off, I take, which is why I jumped at doing the 'dog house' Savvy Shopper story for The Sunday Age, M magazine (it was published this morning). But putting Dougal on the page just once wasn't enough for me - I had our photographer Mike Baker clone him so that I could showcase his exceptional range of emotions (what is the name for the dog version of a stage mother?).

Actually the best part of this picture is what you can't see - it's my daughter Annebelle, who has folded herself up, squeezed into the kennel, and is making him smile by singing him a song and giving him a tummy pat!  I would happily work with kids an animals any day.


Photography by Mike Baker, writing and styling by me, copyright owned by Fairfax.
Dougal checking himself out this morning

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the first blooms

Here are the first of my roses to bloom this year. After all this rain in Melbourne, it could be a bumper year for roses. Fingers crossed.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

gorgeous Melbourne home - Jane Hall's colourful terrace

Here is sneak peek into actress Jane Hall's gorgeous Melbourne terrace- you can check out all 11 pages of it in the November issue of Real Living that goes on sale today.

This home was such a joy to style and write, because I do love a bit of colour myself. Jane and I have almost crossed paths for years. When I was at Channel Ten she was working on another production, with a different publicist. Then we lived in the same house - but at different times. When Jem and I moved out of our first home - Jane moved in. Now we have been introduced by the lovely Jacqui from my old mother's group, and this spread is the result. Jane is amazing with colour and has pulled this home together in just over 12 months. You can also read all about Jane's plans for a homewares store in the not-to-distant future.

Photo by Chris Warnes, styling and writing by me, copyright ACP

Saturday, October 16, 2010

more of Jenny and Mark's home...

The November issue of Real Living goes on sale tomorrow (look out for the divine home of actress Jane Hall), so I thought I would post the rest of the pages of Jenny and Mark's home from the current October issue. Enjoy.

Copyright owned by ACP Magazines

Thursday, October 14, 2010

my easy meringues that will make you look like a great cook

The only dessert I can cook is a meringue. My pav's are ace, and when Mich in Sydney rang me for the recipe today I thought I would share it, because it is sooo easy. This recipe for white chocolate meringues comes from my sister Maggie, but the recipe I use most is from the Woman's Weekly Basic Cookbook that Jem's mum, Judy, bought me when we moved in together. She probably (rightly) thought we were going to starve! It is still a great reference for hack cooks like me.

All you do is whip 8 egg whites until they are really stiff and glossy - don't let even a skerrick of yolk get in because it will ruin everything.

Slowly add 2 cups of caster sugar to the mix and keep beating for a few minutes. Plop it onto a baking tray and shape it with a fork until it is nice and peaky.

For the little choccy ones above, just add a cup of white choc bits and stir them through the mixture.

Bake on the middle tray in a really slow oven (140) for an hour and a half or til they feel crunchy on the outside.

The choccy ones are good on their own - nice and chewy. For a big regular pav, top it with whipped cream, strawberries, passionfruit and, for the non-purists, a crumbled Cadbury Flake.

my daily ritual...

Being a freelancer and a mum, my life doesn't have very much routine. But, every morning, I eat a slice of toast with lime marmalade, drink my plunger full of Jasper #5 blend coffee, and sit down at my computer to read my four favourite blogs. That's pretty much where the routine ends (well actually there is another routine at the end of the day, involving champagne, but that's a whole other story)

Naturally, one of them is Daily Imprint by the very clever Natalie Walton, who probably doesn't need any introduction, but is the Deputy Editor of Real Living Magazine, and also the co-producer of the fabulous frontliners blog. She is also a mum, so I can't even imagine when she gets time to sleep.

I am so excited to say that today, I was the subject of my breakfast reading! Natalie asked me to do the Daily Imprint interview and to submit some of my work, and it appeared this morning. So after doing a little choke on my toast as I yelled out to my family, we read it, they told me I was fabulous, and then our kitchen roof sprang another massive leak that took no less than five buckets to contain. Back to earth, Heather. Life's like that, isn't it?

Thanks so much, Natalie!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

five minute flag bag

I am wandering around, all edgy and agitated because I still have to wait an hour and a half for my weekly Novagratz fix on 9 By Design at 9.30 on Arena TV tonight. It's killing me. And I know it's killing Mich up there in Paddington. Feeling your pain, Mich.

So I picked up the $5 Union Jack flag I found at a Chapel Street op shop last week and did a quick stitch up and down the sides. Being too lazy to contemplate actually sewing a strap, I nicked one of Jem's belts and threaded it through the end bit. Done.

My old faithful Cath Kidston oilcloth bag that I have been carting around for years has finally sprung a leak, so this new bag will make do until I decide which new one to buy from Lark in Daylesford. I was drooling at them online just before.

Ok, it is only about an hour and a quarter to go now. Maybe I could unpack the dishwasher, or heat up Jem's dinner cos he's on his way home. Or I could just admire my new bag some more.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sunday crafty Sunday

my dream craft room

On the page in M mag today

It was a bit of a crafty old day today.

Firstly, my dream craft room appeared in the Sunday Age M Magazine Savvy Shopper page. Actually my dream craft room would feature a lot more pink than this one, but everything else is just right. White wooden floors, a cool chair, loads of natural light streaming in, a dressmakers dummy. I loved styling and writing this page. It's always easier when it comes from your heart, and man would I love a craft room, all to myself.

Then Jem, Allie and I popped over to the Docklands to check out the first ever Finders Keepers market in Melbourne. It was really, really good. Loads of great things to look at and buy. Heaps of cool people to try not to get caught staring at. And best of all, we got to check out Allie's guitar teacher, Clare Chadderton's, band. Clare is amazing. She comes here every Tuesday and completely inspires Allie. She even gets a word in (no mean feat). Clare is a classical pianist turned avant-garde multi-instrumentalist. Oh, and her day job is an architect. Brainy, creative, musical and fun! Check out her band, Portal Window, at

that's the unreal Clare on the right.

Savvy Shopper The Craft Room photo taken by Mike Baker, copyright Fairfax Ltd. Styling and writing by me.

Portal Window photo owned by Portal Window.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Op shop haul report:

Excellent results from the Salvo's oppy in Chapel Street Prahran today.

Four lovely old glasses (my fave is the little one with the white kookaburras on it) - $3 each

I old Union Jack flag (how did that not get snapped up before I got there?) - $5



Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gorgeous Melbourne home - Emma Whiting's terrace

Here is a home to make those of us with wanderlust seriously envious! It belongs to the very clever Emma Whiting, who has her own travel agency, Emma Whiting Travel. Her home was recently renovated under the expert guidance of her sister-in-law, Margaret Whiting, whose own home has appeared in the Sunday Age a few times (see below for Margie's home in Sunday Life), and on TV last year. It's now a very light and bright series of rooms, each of which has a collection of mementos from the 65 countries Emma has traveled to. Yes, 65!

Margaret & David Whiting's home

Emma's home appeared in the Sunday Age (Vic) and The Sun Herald (NSW) Sunday Life magazine yesterday. Photography by Mike Baker, words and styling by me. Copyright owned by Fairfax Ltd