Sunday, March 20, 2011

gorgeous Melbourne home - Jesse and Arla Marlow's vintage haven

I have to thank the lovely Rosie Stanley from Tarlo and Graham for tipping me off about this incredibly cool Melbourne home.  Jesse Marlow is an award winning photographer, whose beautiful images you will have seen in many quality Australian newspapers, supplements and magazines. He is also the undisputed king of finding cool stuff.  I swear, I swooned at his home - it was paper bag stuff.  Jesse and his partner Arla, who is a fashion production manager, know that if you see something great,  then you mustn't hesitate, just get it, because the chances are it won't be there when you go back for it.  Clearly they are not mass-market shopping.  How about that Social Hall sign?  Big sigh.   A couple of weeks ago I was fruitlessly searching for some seriously cool vintage lockers to use as a prop for a shoot, and I thought Jesse may know where to locate some.  I should have known he'd have the perfect set, and one quick email later Jesse is delivering the greatest lockers ever to the studio - he is that lovely!

Jesse is having a photographic exhibition at the moment so you can check out or even buy his exquisite work at Anna Pappas' gallery in Prahran, Victoria.

This article appeared in the Sun Herald (NSW) and Sunday Age (Vic) Sunday Life magazine today.  Photo by Mike Baker, interview and styling by me.

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