Tuesday, March 15, 2011

welcome to the cubbyhouse...

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the best coffee in Armadale?

My husband is a complete coffee snob.  He doesn't bang on about 'single origins' or the 'best coffee hardware', but he does demand a consistent, expertly made, high quality brew.  He has been known to drive slowly past his favourite coffee haunts to see who is working the machine, because he has favourite baristas at these favourite coffee haunts.  Anyway, a few weeks ago he came home, completely devo because his favourite girl at his favourite coffee dealer was heading off overseas.  You can imagine the scene...

Well, I had been noticing some changes to the cafe at my local dog park, in Union Street, Armadale. Cute new paintwork, a funky lightshade - the kinda stuff one notices.  I suggested that Jem check it out one morning and he came back and made the grand statement, "That is the best coffee I have had in Melbourne".  Our daughters (themselves hot chocolate afficionados) did a quick bolt to the park, and came back similarly raving.

So today I popped in to get the story, and here it is:  Sisters Narelle and Bec Thompson had been working in early childhood development, but had been itching to go into business together.  Seeing the huge potential at the Union Street cafe (tennis academy on one side, great park and a kindergarten on the other), they set to work.  In just six and a half weeks since it opened, this cafe has become the favourite of every kid in the area, as well as their parents.  Why - because it is so thoughtfully done.  From the steps up to the counter on the park side (less intimidating and more engaging for little ones), to the gorgeous wall art by Michael Hughes, to the Golden Books wall mural, the blankets provided for park picnics, the sensible yet delicious menu, etc.  There will even be face painting there on Saturday's from April.  It's not surprising that this kid friendly ethos has earned the girls some permanent bookings with local mothers groups.  Oh, and they are even going to serve early kids dinners at 5.30pm some weeknights.  Brilliant girls.  And so nice too.

And yes, I have to agree with Jeremy, Nate (pictured above) certainly makes a cracking brew!  Here are the links www.cubbyhousecanteen.com.au and knockknock@cubbyhousecanteen.com.au
The Cubbyhouse Canteen, 43A Union Street Armadale.



  1. Ha i have a little golden book mural, the wall next to my front door is covered in pages of little golden books, i think i need some royalties here lol

  2. Have been missing my favorite playground/cafe/tennis club since moving to Perth 2 yrs ago...and now I hear my 2 favorite childcare workers/b'sitters are running the show! Brilliant...well done Bec and Narelle, will pop in to see you when we are in town next week...have been missing good coffee and good styling.