Tuesday, August 30, 2011

colours that float my boat today

my new red flatties

Dougal's new green collar

green and yellow stuff

these are the colours that are pleasing me around home today...


Monday, August 29, 2011

more Country Style...

I know what I will be doing as soon as dinner is sorted tonight - my September issue of Country Style arrived in the mail today, so I will be tucked up in a corner, devouring each and every lovely page. And that means that the August issue is officially off-sale, so I thought I'd post my favourite images from the story I did on the gorgeous Buchanan  family home in Beeac in the Western District of Victoria.  All photos by the incredible Sharyn Cairns, words, styling and country-house envy by me. Copyright owned by News Magazines.

the most visually and mouthwateringly delicious blog...

I know I blogged about my Sydney mate Michelle Schoep's beautiful food blog when it was in its infancy - but for newbies to my blog, it is really worth saying again - this girl, and her cooking, are the real deal.

Mich is a born cook, and a natural food stylist.  Her cooking style comes from the purest place - she wants to feed her boyfriend, their kids and herself the most wholesome and delicious food available. I popped onto Mich's blog today to look up her meatball recipe (because I had it at my friend Di's home on Saturday night and I need it again - btw Di is soon to commence her own food blog - I will keep you posted) and I was blown away by the beautiful images and the mouth-watering recipes.  You know how some foods can make you homesick?  I must admit that I almost teared up thinking of how Mich and I would walk endless laps of Centennial Park, talking endlessly of food (all the while bemoaning our wobbly bits, lol).  I used to ask Mich what to cook for dinner.  She'd tell me, and that was it - no real thought required on my behalf, as for me, inspiration is always the hardest part of cooking.  And my favourite? Her goulash is a triumph!

If you haven't checked it out - do yourself a favour.

Michelle Schoeps Organic www.michelleschoepsorganic.blogspot.com


Friday, August 26, 2011

isn't she lovely...

Next week I am finally going to give this girl a make-over. Just today, I got around to shedding her dodgy velvet coat, which revealed her original pale crimson upholstery. I first thought I'd give her another pale rose outfit, but after seeing her look so fab in hot pink last weekend, that's where my head is at now.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the indoor garden...

I have such a thing for indoor plant life at the moment.  After years of cringing at fishbone and maiden-hair ferns, I am right back loving them.  I know the look has been back for a while now, but honestly, it has taken me a while to embrace it.

I also want to create a vertical garden wall outside, but have yet to start researching it - has anyone done one, and can they give me some tips?  I figure a vertical garden may be too hard for even Dougal the diggingest dog to ruin... but then again.

Here is an indoor garden-themed page I came up with for the Sunday Age.  I made a cheats vertical garden wall by raiding my sister, Maggie's, garden of loads of luscious greenery then I stuffed it all into a wire frame I found hanging around the studio.  I got to feature some of my favourite products - The Monkey Grip pots designed by Adam Cornish, and the Rio Tower by Joost.  And as for that vintage zinc florists vase from Nyary 604 - I have no words!

Here are some set-up shots, and how it appeared on the page.  And big thanks to Nyree P for her fab assisting work on the day!

as it appeared in the page

This page ran in the Sunday Age M Magazine last Sunday, August 21.  Photography by Mike Baker, writing and styling by me, copyright owned by Faitfax Ltd.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Guess what I am doing right now?

Cup of tea.  Check.
Comfy couch. Check
One hour 'til I pick up Alex from school.  Check
Ikea 2012 catalogue, fresh from the mailbox.  Check.

That's me done for the next sixty minutes.

And btw, how cute is the invitation to the new IKEA store that will open in Springvale next week?  It will be Australia's largest IKEA.  Yikes.  Pack a cut lunch? Check.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gorgeous Melbourne home - Tom Adair & Nikki Williams' Richmond terrace

How cool is Tom Adair and Nikki William's home?  When I walked in and saw how they had transformed a seriously daggy and run-down home into this fab, almost loft-like space, I was hooked.  Tom sanded and limed the baltic pine floorboards himself (something I wish I had the strength to do here at my place). They have THE most well-trained dog I have ever met in Sookie (named after Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood - more coolness).  Now, Tom may look like a rock-star (I really hope he doesn't mind me saying that), but he is actually the very clever creative director at Abode Living. He also paints, under the pseudonym of Juan Mcarb, and Nikki is an international buyer for Forever New.  Even more coolness.  Sigh...

This page appeared in the Sunday Life magazine (with the Sunday Age in Victoria and the Sun Herald in NSW) yesterday.

Photo by Mike Baker.  Writing and styling by me.  Perfect obedience by Sookie. Copyright owned by Fairfax.


Magnolia Square - done and dusted...

Look at those gorgeous cushions from Table Tonic and the fab table and chairs are now for sale - email me!
Well, Magnolia Square is done and dusted. And judging by the vibe there, loads of customers and stall-holders went home very happy indeed!.  Here's a few more pic's of the 'How to Save Your Stuff with Paint, Paper and Fabric' installation that Jane and I put together for the show.  We would love to thank Dulux for the beautiful blue paint for the table and chairs (it's called Norfolk Sky) and lovely Louise from Table Tonic who kindly lent us the beautiful silk ikat cushions for said chairs.  Oh, and Mike Baker for the stands and paper (and for visiting us, lol), Shannon for the fabric and wallpaper, Jenny for the boxes, Kirsty for the extra props, Maggie for the foliage, Emma for the delicious madeleines and our gorgeous friends and family who came along to support us.  Oh, and Nic and Metka from Mag Square for inviting us!

Yeeuuw - before the make-over

us? Tired? - noooooo

Friday, August 19, 2011

Magnolia Square - day one

Our kooky tumbling collection of fabric at Mag Square today

Phew, I am just back home after a 5am start bumping in to the wonderful Magnolia Square market the The Centre in Ivanhoe.

Jane and I had a fab day: we met loads of lovely stall holders and visitors to the market; we both had family and friends pop in to say hello and to see our displays (see above for a peek at our 'Fabric Salvation' installation on the magically fairy-lit stairs); and the vibe at the market was really great - but what is not to love about a well-curated collection of stalls tempting you with loveliness?

We'll be back there tomorrow, so if you get a chance, do pop by and say hello.  We'd love it.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I want my loungeroom to look like this...

I want feathers and eggs and velvet and foxes.

I really, really want them.

It's the latest Mulberry UK campaign, and you can see the film here in all of its whimsical glory, shot by Tim Walker.

But what I really need is to get off my arse and stop looking at pretty ad's and GET READY FOR MAGNOLIA SQUARE BECAUSE IT STARTS TOMORROW!!!

OK.  I'm onto it.


Monday, August 15, 2011

More Magnolia Square prep today...

pins and pink for Magnolia Square

Salvation Jane and I have been hard at it again today...well, as hard at it as you can be when you factor in school drop- off and pick-up.  The top coat was applied to the chairs (and my hedge - blue hedge anyone?).  We then broke out the rest of the paint and I must say Jane coped extremely well with the orange.  You can check it out over at her blog.   Finally we sorted the fabric and began the painstaking pinning process.  Lots more to do but it is all good fun when the job is shared.

Magnolia Square is happening this Saturday and Sunday at The Centre in Ivanhoe, click here for all the deets.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down...

Well, in my case, that translates to "some salty chips and some bubbles make working on the weekend so much more fun".  Jane and I got stuck into the painting yesterday ahead of next weekend's Magnolia Square.  We broke out the brushes and trusty spray gun and set to it with the paint so kindly donated to us by the generous peeps at Dulux paints.  Why is it that painting sounds so quick and easy, then when you get started you remember -  the sugar soap cleaning, the sanding, the undercoat, the top coats.  But then, when it's all over you are so in love with the result that you forget all the tedious bits?  Kinda like childbirth, isn't it?  Well, we are certainly in love with these babies!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

rainbow bridesmaids...

I found these great bolts of fabric at the Sacred Heart Mission op shop on Chapel Street yesterday.  Not sure what will become of them, but when I propped them up against the cupboard, I was instantly reminded of this girl I went to RMIT with who got married and had rainbow bridesmaids.

I was fascinated.  So I googled rainbow bridesmaids.  Still fascinated.  They kill me.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

we're getting our colour on...

Is that a little Jonathan Adler inspired makeover happening on my veranda? 

Regular readers will know that I am not averse to a paint brush.  I love to get my hands on some beautiful but decrepit old thing and give it a colourful revamp.  Hell, I even read colour specifiers in the bath!  I just don't get bland. Or neutrals.  I have a like-minded mate over at Salvation Jane, who also loves nothing better than to break out a sample pot and indulge in a little hue.  Only she doesn't do orange - but that is a whole other story...

So, the good lady Salvation and I were very chuffed to be approached to team up and do a bit of a colourwork at the next Magnolia Square event, to be held at The Centre in Ivanhoe on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 August - yikes, that's only ten days away!

The theme of this Magnolia Square is colour - so  together, Jane and I are putting on a bit of a side-show to demonstrate how we like to 'upcycle' (apparently that's a euphemism for tarting things up!)  with paint, paper and, of course, fabric.

We'll be there both days for a chat, so do pop along.  You can read about it here.

And you can see how I got along trying to get Jane to work with a little orange!  

Thursday, August 4, 2011

this shoot, I am trying not to buy...

This morning I was out and about sourcing some goodies for an upcoming Savvy Shopper shoot for the Sunday Age M Magazine when I spotted this DIVINE little '50s chair.

Someone really should buy this.  If you don't, I will.  Even though I cannot justify another chair at the mo....

So quick sticks, grab your $220 and get to

Bes 62,
39 Station Street Malvern, Victoria,

(03) 9509 0390.  

Monday, August 1, 2011

prep day - aaaaargh!

My house is still a tip, but slowly things are coming together ahead of a big shoot here this week.  You still can't walk down the hallway without injuring yourself,  and half of my furniture has been unceremoniously dumped on the side veranda.

And much to their delight, my girls have rediscovered the joys of sharing a bedroom - oh how I jest!

Today is my final prep day and I just did the run to the flower wholesalers in Carnegie - so at least the flowers look pretty!