Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sunday morning adventures - Coburg Trash & Treasure

Jen's and my haul

Coburg Trash and Treasure - at the drive in!
Last night my mate Jen and I made a snap decision to head off early this morning to the Coburg Trash and Treasure market.  Actually, we were a bit over-enthusiastic and got there before it opened, but at least that meant we were fully awake by the time we hit the stalls.  We ended up with a mixed bag, with the score of the day going to Jen, who picked up the lovely antlers for not very much at all.  I bought Mary early, and had to lug her around like a babe in arms all morning.  Questionable/hilarious purchase of the day also went to Jen -  with the Nana Mouskouri vinyl, lol.  It's a funny old place, but if you are happy to pick through the lawn mowers, tools, old toys, and some suspiciously close to use-by date food, you can certainly find some gold.

Friday, September 23, 2011

just hanging around this week...

the daisy chandelier, hanging around on the veranda

picked up for a song at a home-wrecking sale

the first lilac bloom from the garden
It was a busy week, but I don't have much to show for it.  Worked on two cute shoots, but can't show them yet.  Started work on an exciting new project helping to decorate a gorgeous home, but again, zip to show.  Today I did manage to finally hang up the daisy chandelier I bought at a house wreck sale a month or so ago.  And picked the first blooms from the lilac.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

gorgeous Melbourne home - Kirsty Macafee's wonderful family abode

Sometimes when Mike Baker and I turn up to a home to shoot a page for the Sunday Age/Sun Herald M magazine, he could literally point his camera in any direction, and it would capture loveliness.  Kirsty Macafee's home is one of those - it is light, airy, homely, and if finding cool stuff was an Olympic sport, Australia would have a serious champion in Kirsty.

I love the line in her interview when Kirsty says "It's all about nostalgia for me...  I like things that remind me of my childhood, my grandparents, my family, our hobbies".  Well,  a home put together with that kind of sentiment and love will always win hands down to one put together with a massive cheque book as far as I am concerned!

Likewise, Kirsty's blog, is thoughtful, inspiring and very beautiful. Can you tell I am a fan?

Here is the page that appeared in the Sun Herald (NSW) and the Sunday Age (Vic) M Magazine yesterday. Photo by Mike Baker, styling and interview by me.  Copyright Fairfax Media.


weekend highlight - a visit to Widow Twankey's Confectionery Emporium.

The minute we mention to our youngest sweet-tooth that we are planning a trip to the country, her eyes light up and she says "Yesssss! Widow Twankey's".  From then on she doesn't let up until we have visited this gorgeous 'confectionary emporium', at least once.  But just look at the place - don't you think this is exactly what a fine lolly establishment should look like?  Mouthwateringly decadent. Today we stocked up on chocolate pencils, chocolate coated raspberries, raspberry drops and of course, umbrella lollypops.  Oh, and they make a great chocolate milkshake.

Widow Twankeys is in the main street of  lovely Clunes.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

this shoot, I am trying not to buy...

Kate Spade note pad and pen - photo taken on my iphone with the Cross Process app.

In keeping with my half-arsed attempt not to purchase something from every shoot I do, I did try not to buy this gorgeous Kate Spade notepad and pencil.  But, as Annebelle would say, I had an epic fail.  Look at it though - who could blame me?

Kate Spade stationery from Classy Paperie
206 Camberwell Road 
Hawthorn East
9813 2600


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chevron stripe homewares, and a few dodgy, Chevron inspired memories...

When I think of Chevrons, I must admit that the first thought that pops into my mind is of sneaking, underage, into the St Kilda Road nightclub of that name when I was doing year 12.  Then all I can think of is my girlfriends and I  dancing around our handbags.. and after that it is all a blur of shoulder pads and court shoes and pale lipstick and a strange drink called a Rusty Nail... I think the old Chevron, like just about every other building in Melbourne is an apartment block now. Probably a good thing, actually.

But I digress... here is a page I styled for the Sunday Age M Magazine, featuring the chevron, aka the zigzag, the herringbone, the flamestitch - whatever you like to call it.

Big props to the lovely Kylie from the Goldchalk blog who came along on the day to help out.  Marking out and painting those lines on the flat was painstaking and time-consuming and without Kylie there, I think 1 may have ended up in tears, so thanks Kylie!  Here's a peek behind the scenes.

as it appeared on the page
This page ran in the Sunday Age M Magazine today.  Photography by Mike Baker, styling and writing by me,  styling assistant, Kylie Tyrrell.

Lubra Bend garden visit today

Lubra Bend, an amazing Victorian Garden

garden colour - click on photo to enlarge it

the entry, the pool and some of the amazing boulders. Click on photo to enlarge it
Today my mum and I drove out to the beautiful wine district of Yarra Glen to visit the amazing garden of Rosemary Simpson.  Wow, was it worth the drive!

I had been hearing about the garden, 'Lubra Bend', for some time from my lovely dog park friend, Sarah, whose mother is the owner and inspired plantswoman behind the amazing transformation of this garden.

When she acquired the home and garden 11 years ago, it was set behind a large cypress hedge/windbreak, and was filled largely with  European plants including camellias, magnolias and roses.  Rosemary has worked both within this framework, and also extended the garden, creating an amazing dry garden and rockpool planted mostly with species indigenous to the local area and also, some Australian natives.  Rosemary's brief to her landscaper, the award-winning Philip Johnson, was that the garden must need no watering - and brilliantly it is all serviced by rainwater captured on the roof of the home.  When you enter the garden through an arch in the hedge (and you know I am a sucker for an arched entry) the sound that greets you is that of six different species of frogs, happily ribbip-ing away in the pond.  The garden has been extended in stages and now meanders all the way down to the Yarra.  It is truly exquisite.

The garden is open again tomorrow, Sunday 11th, so if a Sunday drive is on the agenda, do head this way.

Lubra Bend
Open Gardens Australia
135 Simpsons Lane Yarra Glen 3775
Melways 275 G2

Thursday, September 8, 2011

mooching around at home today...

a corner of the lounge room

this one was taken with my app of choice today, Cross Process

Today I'm having lots of fun putting my house back into order after a recent photo shoot.  What you can't see here? The faces of two bemused painters who see me swing into action each time they complete a wall.  Wait for the paint to dry?  Not my style...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ikea Springvale - it's no Småland!

the cute sign in the staff area (in my favourite font - the one I used on my business card)

This morning I trekked out along Dandenong Road to attend a media tour of the new IKEA store in Springvale. There I was, peering out my side window,  searching in vain for a street number, when I turned my gaze ahead and out of the distance arose the blue and yellow monolith that is the new store -  let me tell you, no street numbers are required.  It is huge!

How huge?  The size of two MCG's (that's 36,000 square metres, or half as big as the Richmond store again).

How huge?  The walking track through the store is two km's (long enough to justify the $1 hotdog on exit, I say)

How huge?  There are 63 room-sets that display the 9000 IKEA products.

And the IKEA people have really used the size to their advantage.  What I liked most was the use of areas to create inspirational sets (see the dining room and book room ones below).  The visual merchandisers have really had fun with these areas, and they do provide a breath of fresh air in the product laden store.

a few trolleys ready for the loading!

OMG this machine cleans every one of the balls in the ballroom, or Smaland!

The new IKEA opens in Springvale this coming Thursday, September 8th.

Thanks to Jude and Jess at IKEA for the tour.