Tuesday, December 20, 2011

geek chic shoot this week...

I am up to my armpits in a big corporate brochure shoot this week - one which has seen me running over town finding props and costuming from many, disparate equipment suppliers: medical, surgical, road safety, scientific, stationery - even bowling!  We are two days down and one to go, then aaaaaah, some holidays!  But what a great way to end the year - working on a wonderful creative brief,  with very talented and really lovely people!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Life swap, Kathryn? Go on...

I got a lovely surprise in my letterbox when I arrived home from a shoot this afternoon - I found not one, but two copies of the January edition of Country Style. In it is the story I wrote and styled about Kathryn Brain and her life in Swan Bay, Victoria. Kathryn is the very talented quilter behind the Maggie & Sparrow label, and let's just say, her life is idyllic. I think Jem and the girls found me quite unbearable for a few weeks after this shoot. Apparently I did not stop banging on about moving to the country, needing a view, getting some chickens, spending more time quilting...I may have even mentioned wanting another baby!!! Man, I had it bad. If you don't mind a bit of life envy, make sure you check it out in the January edition of Country Style, on sale very soon.

The beautiful photos were taken by the incredibly lovely Lisa Cohen.  Copyright owned by Country Style / News Magazines.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I want you but I can't have you...

Jane and I are selling our Mag Square prop table, dammit!
Despite both of us wanting to keep this table setting, Jane and I have finally admitted that neither of us can squeeze it into our already overstuffed homes.  Therefore, with much reluctance, I listed it on ebay last night.  Soooo, if you live in Melbourne and think this table would look amazing in your own home, hop over and check it out here.

It's a five day listing, so if you snap it up, how amazing would your Christmas dinner look on it?  And how good would my veranda look, without it sitting there wrapped in plastic?


a very doggie christmas!

click to enlarge image
I haven't posted a gratuitous Dougal pic for a while... so here is my boy, resplendent in his Santa suit, pumped for the doggie park Christmas party held at 8.30am this morning. All the gang came, decked out in their best Christmas kit, quietly indulging / suffering their owners for as long as they could manage.  Dougal's suit lasted about 3 minutes before he tore it to shreds, then tried to eat every other dog's tinsel/hat/jingely bell. Special mention must go to the park's elder statesman, Chester, who was loving himself sick in his Raybans, and stayed in character for the whole party - I think his human may have taught him a thing or two about partying, just quietly! Delicious treats were provided for all - smoked salmon, croissants, champagne and of course, doggie biscuits.  An excellent morning, that reminded me once again of the amazing benefits of dog ownership - unswerving love and loyalty, incredible (and unexpected) community friendship, and the perfect excuse to drink champagne before breakfast!


Monday, December 12, 2011

This week's big event - the Grade Six graduation dinner!

Yep, it's fever pitch around here.  Adrenalin is running waaayyyy high.  This week we have the Year Six kids' night of nights - the one they have been dreaming of since Prep. The girls have been planning their ensembles for, like, forevverrrr, and I have it on good authority that dresses have been tried on, photographed, uploaded for peer approval,  purchased by bewildered parents, then carefully packed away until the big night. Or until they are proudly showcased for siblings and grandparents - and anyone else who happens to wander through your 'hood. Accessories have been added and subtracted. Intense negotiations have been in play regarding the important issue of The Heel: should they wear them? How high is too high? Do we really, actually, mind? In my case, with a daughter who expertly climbed trees in her Barbie plastic heels at age 3, it was an argument I was never going to win.  I am happy to report that we reached a compromise (impasse?) - bless the kitten heel.

Like so many mums across the country, a team of us have been meeting regularly (I know, I know, I missed most of them) to plan our kids Year Six graduation dinner. Two years ago I was quite bah-humbug about it all as I really didn't get how important these nights could be. Then, at Annebelle's grad, I literally sobbed through 30 speeches. Some were given by kids I didn't even know, but they were so heartfelt and earnest, recounting their experiences: their highs; and sometimes lows; it still gives me shivers down my spine. Needless to say, I am all for this ceremony now. I think it is an important rite of passage. From next February, things are about to get a whole lot more grown-up and serious for these little guys and girls.

My contribution has been to make some decorations for our lovely new school hall. The colours of green and blue with bit of raspberry were chosen, and on Saturday I turned the loungeroom into a little sweat shop and churned out the table runners, bunting, some signs and vases. Allie provided the child labour, proudly stringing the bunting flags together and now, I think we are almost done. Oh, except for finalising the negotiations re requests for mani's and pedi's on the day. Think I'll be a little bit more strenuous in my arguments around this particular issue!  

Congrats, class of 2011.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Get this!

If I needed to buy some cheap and chic outdoor chairs today - this is what I would get.  So cute, and priced at an unbelievable $69.94.  I nearly fell over in surprise when I spotted it at Bunnings in Port Melbourne today.


gorgeous Melbourne home - Maria Malakellis's mid-century marvel!

Here is the wonderful Melbourne base of Maria Malakellis, who owns Kiitos in Barwon Heads. This home has seen a few incarnations - back in the 80's this loungeroom was decorated in a chintzy floral ode to English country style. As Maria's life and style evolved, so too has her home, and wow, look at it now. The rest of the home is in seriously original 60's condition, with a fab formica kitchen and great period features. Maria laughingly says how happy she is now that she couldn't afford to renovate it in the 80's or 90's. Yes, there is a lot to be said for preserving a bit of history - even if you have to wait a few decades to appreciate it!
on the page in Sunday Life

This page appeared last weekend in the Sunday Life magazine, supplement to The Sunday Age in Victoria and The Sun Herald in New South Wales. Photo by Mike Baker, interview and styling by moi, copyright owned by Sunday Life / Fairfax Media.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

cheap Friday retail hit...

Whilst out and about propping for a shoot today, I came across these gorgeous giraffe swizzle sticks at Chapel Street Bazaar - for a measly six bucks.  Little orange giraffes you are so coming home with me!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nette King Christmas - progress report...

I have really enjoyed reading all the blogs about how everyone gets into the Christmas spirit - particularly when the bloggers show photos of their own homes and Chrissy trees.  It seems such a lovely, and quite intimate thing to share so I have decided to do it myself.  Here are some snaps from around the Nette King home today.

We missed the 1st of December tradition and didn't get our tree up until Sunday night (the girls were almost frantic).  Once again, we used the white fakey (sadly, we are the very allergic family and real trees send us into a month of sneezes, wheezes and watery eyes).  And for the (mumble mumble)th year in a row, the doily angel that I made in kindergarten sits on top. Man, has she seen some Christmases. Happy ones, sad ones, brave ones, hilarious ones, drunken ones.....just like every family, I guess.

The girls each have their $5 bargain Big W trees in their bedrooms, the wreath is on the door, and my kooky Gotye film clip inspired Christmas tree that I made for a shoot is propped in the hallway.  But we haven't really even started yet!

How are you decking out your home this year?


Get your glam on - Kardashian handbags at Etage.

The Kardashian bags from Etage in Doncaster East.
Let's just say that, at my local dog park, I am not known for my sartorial splendour.  My dog park get-up consists of paint stained tracky dacks, any tee-shirt I can lay my hands on (it's usually one of Jem's), gumboots in winter and thongs in summer. No make-up. Hair usually in need of a wash. And a brush. I complete this look with a fine layer of golden retriever hair.  Yes, I am the dog park slob.

It doesn't help that I can usually be found standing next to Claire.  She's the dog park glam. Impeccably made up, always.  Even her gumboots sparkle.  She can frequently be seen in sequins.  As can her dog, Princess Bobbi Sue-Ellen of Armadale - but that's a whole other post.

It came as no surprise to me to learn that Claire owned a clothing store.  It's called Etage, and much to my daughters delight, she has just received a shipment of Kardashian handbags.  Now, I don't really get the Kardashians, but I do get these handbags.  Particularly the green one.  They look really good, and retail between $25 and $110, which is practically free in Kardashian terms.  Perfect Christmas presents for the glam types in your life!

52 Tunstall Square
Doncaster East
3109      Victoria
T: 03 9842 2733
F: 03 9842 0367


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ooh look it's that bike again...

What a coincidence that the bike I am coveting for Christmas turned up in one of my shoots?  (actually this is a test post to see if my very handsome and strong husband reads my blog, and to see if flattering him publicly works - cos I'll do it all the time if it does)

Here are some Chrissy gift ideas  - basically all the stuff I want - that appeared in the Sunday Age M mag last weekend. Photography by Mike Baker, writing and styling by me. Copyright owned by Fairfax Media.

as it appeared on the page