Friday, August 24, 2012

the bomb...

Flower bombing with Holly Hipwell at Nyary 604.  Click to enlarge pic.  
On Thursday evening I had just about as much fun as you can have with lollies, flowers and big group of gals.  You see, Jenny Keys and Peter Nyary (and Adi) of High Street's gorgeous Nyary 604 store, had persuaded Sydney's flower queen, the girl who made carnations fashionable again, Miss Holly Hipwell, to bring her flower-bomb-making classes to Melbourne.  It was fab.

Holly was heaven - she presided over her (sometimes unruly) class with a hilarious mixture of mock-stern school marm'ness, cute wit, and the kind of kooky whimsy you'd expect from a florist dressed in a flowing pink kimono.  If you don't already, you must read her blog because it's a scream.

Nyary was the perfect venue as it looks magical lit up at night - what with all of those mirrors, hanging Venetian pendants and chandeliers.  And colour.  This was not an evening for the beige brigade.

We all had fun, made some new friends (some of us were already Insta-friends so it was great to meet in person!), and we went happily home toting our bombs.  If they do it again - you really must go.

Its a dodgy insta pic but you can see the magic

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  1. T'was a big night out but without the alcohol! I can't believe how a simple carnation can be transformed to the supercool! Thanks for coming, Jenny x