Sunday, April 29, 2012

bsc / asc..

OK, so from now on, my life will be divided into two parts:

Before Salted Caramel


After Salted Caramel.

Why did nobody alert me to this stuff before?  It is truly life-changing.

And thank you to Michelle for this unnecessary but delicious present.  At least I think I should thank you.  The man employed to whip this bod into shape may not be so grateful. So we won't tell him. Will we.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

slack blogger...

delicious fluoro from Scout House
Yes, I am a neglectful blogger.  It's been a whole week, but honestly, between shoots (am up to my armpits in a lovely Dulux shoot), plus the regular newspaper deadlines, sourcing houses to shoot, and the usual family stuff we all have to do, I am a little spent.  So I have resorted to using my Instagram pic's as blog content. Slack. But this one is worth it, trust me.  How cool are these fluoro cushions from Scout House in St Kilda? Yum.  And the rest of the shop is looking gorgeous too, so do pop in and check it out.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stoked! My favourite New York family is back on the telly!

a Novogratz makeover, image via Apartment Therapy.
Oh happy days. The New York Novogratz's are back on the telly!

I blogged about my obsession with 9 by Design here, last year and was beyond beside myself to receive a tip-off from Mich last week that their new series, Home by Novogratz, has hit Aussie TV screens.  I know, they polarise people with their passionate but untrained approach to design, but as you know, I have no truck with pretentious interiors, so to me, they are the bomb. And yes, I still want to be Courtney's NBF, and I still have high hopes that Annebelle will have Wolfie's babies some day.

It's on Foxtel's Lifestyle Home channel at excruciatingly random times, so check your guides. YAY!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

give me land, lots of land...

Mick and Robin's charming (and oddly efficient) country cooker

I know I bang on about wanting to move to the country (sorry Jem, Belle and Al), but I cannot deny the calm that descends upon me when I hit the road out of town. Today was no diff. The hairy assistant and I took off to the in-laws place at sparrows to do a very special shoot for a gorgeous new cookbook, and we had a ball. Chippy snacks for me, Schmackos for him, singing out loud to the radio, the wind in our hair...

Dougal promptly fell in love with Zoe, the photographer and insisted in assisting her instead of me.
Extreme help from Dougal

And now we are home, a little wistful. And googling country properties. And dreaming.

Monday, April 16, 2012


the trophy room
Regular readers will know that I am sick for a vintage trophy.  And a pennant, and a rosette.  I can't seem to stuff my home with enough of them.  My mate Jen is a trophy collector too, and we'll often go out on the hunt together. Luckily though, there's no ugly squabbles over them, as Jen is a shiny silver trophy kind of gal and I like them grubby - the more battered and tarnished the better.  Our families think we are nuts, but we know the truth.  We are winners - and we have the prizes to prove it.

This page appeared in the Sunday Age M magazine last Sunday. Photography by Mike Baker, Styling and writing by me, assistance on the day by Marsha Golemac, copyright owned by Fairfax Media.
here it is on the page


Sunday, April 15, 2012

gorgeous Melbourne home...Georgina Jeffries

Georgina Jeffries with lovely Luna
Sometimes, on a shoot, the planets truly align.  Of course the home will be gorgeous, because that's why we are shooting it, but sometimes you also luck in on an owner that is not only clever (she designed the home), but she looks like a supermodel, has a dream wardrobe, and is nice to boot.  Even her dog is a spunk!

Here's the dream home of Melbourne gal Georgina Jeffries, of Wonder Design.  It appeared in the Sunday Age/Sun Herald Sunday Life magazine on 15 April with photography by Armelle Habib, styling and story by me, and copyright is owned by Fairfax Ltd.
here it is on the page 


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

just because they're cool...

The Super Cool - photo by the lovely Marsha Golemac
I love a good pop-up shop.  By nature they are fresh, which essential if you like to avoid repetitive homeware fatigue. Then, there is that niggling worry that if you don't get there quick-sticks, you'll have missed the boat.  And I hate missing boats!

Melbourne's coolest pop-up, by name and nature, is the fab The Super Cool.  Its fourth (or fifth maybe?) incarnation is happening right now in the loading bay behind the new Great Dane store in Johnston Street Fitzroy.  The Super Cools will also be at the next Finders Keepers market - details below.

Annebelle and I popped into Fitzroy last weekend and met the lovely Kate, and tried very hard to restrain ourselves from buying everything there.  I couldn't resist the gorgeous 'Bonjour' pennant though, and it now hangs at my in-laws place in the country - below!

Look out for some more Super Cool wares in my Savvy Shopper page running in the Sunday Age M mag this coming weekend. 

Great Dane dates & details -
Thur - Sun (currently until 20 May - shut week of 19-22 April)
Thur - Sat 10am - 4pm
Sundays - 11am - 4pm

The Finders Keepers dates & details -
Friday 20 & Sat 21 April


Monday, April 9, 2012

new look Sunday Life home style pages

I hope you had a great Easter break!  I somehow managed to put my hand somewhere it most definitely should not have been put and have ended up with stitches and a bandage (don't ask...), so I am typing (tapping) this with one finger on my left hand - and trying very hard not to complain too much. Really trying.  Anyway...two weeks ago, you may have noticed the gorgeous new design of the Sunday Life mag, that comes as a supplement to The Sunday Age newspaper here in Victoria and The Sun Herald up there north of the border in New South Wales. Within the new look mag we have a new Home Style page - or pages - to be precise. Yes, we now have a big, delicious double page spread in which to show you not just gorgeous portraits of the stylish homeowners, but heaps of the lovely details found throughout the home. We might show an artwork, a fabulous tea-cup, a beautiful lamp, the kind of things that catch your eye and give these homes the wow factor. Yep, home/life envy inducing stuff, every Sunday. Yum.

My first Melbourne home spread ran yesterday - it belongs to the very chic Sarah Hook, importer of divine French and Belgian furniture and accessories for her store, Franque. Here is a peek. Next Sunday you can see the incredibly stylish home of a young Melbourne interior design wonder-girl. Don't miss it!

Interview and styling by me, photography by Armelle Habib, and copyright owned by Fairfax Media.
here it is - our lovely new double page spread!