Wednesday, November 7, 2012

new work for Dulux...

I always get so excited when one of the projects that I worked on what seems like a gazillion years ago sees the light of day!

Case in point - the Summer mini-makeover campaign for Dulux. Here is the media release. Now, I am off to stalk my paint shop to get my hands on a brochure! And if you'd like to know more about the colours or where I sourced any of the products and accessories I used for these shots, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.

Credits - Dulux summer mini-makeover campaign.
Photographer:  Mike Baker
Client: Dulux
For Dulux
Colour & Communications Consultant: Bree Leech
Brand Manager, Dulux Colour: Rebecca Shatkhin
Creative Agency: Creative Results
For Creative Results
Director: Sarah-Jane Finlayson,
Head of Creative: Chris Shoolman,
Senior Account Manager: Sophie Thomas
Stylist: Heather Nette King

Monday, November 5, 2012

Amanda Talbot - the thinking woman's stylist...

You may have read on all the design blogs this week about the release of a new book called Rethink: the way you live, by the very verbally and visually talented Amanda Talbot. (pub Murdoch Books).

Amanda has a cracking cv, having worked as Associate Ed of British Elle Decoration, Homes Ed at Living etc, and as a trends forecaster for many big international brands.  More locally and lately, she was a judge on Top Design, and is now the Sydney homes and interiors editor for Sunday Life magazine and a freelance interiors writer and stylist.

To try to describe Rethink in a nutshell, Amanda has identified 'The big five things that have rocked our world' recently, and then set about seeing how these things have affected the way we live, work and play. It's not your average interiors book - the word count is much higher for a start! It is beautifully written, designed and photographed and it's filled with amazing facts, figures, and how-to's, plus loads of peeks into beautiful  and inspiring interiors from across the globe.  I am only half-way through reading it (damn my deadlines), but already it has struck so many chords.  Amanda is so clever - she not only creates such beautiful images - but she is so clued into the bigger picture.  She really is the thinking woman's stylist.

Another reason for me writing about Rethink (cos I would have anyway) is that way back in January, Amanda asked our family to be photographed at home for the book.  It all came about very quickly, and before we knew it, the incredible photographer Mikkel Vang was arriving at our door one Sunday morning, coffee in hand, to shoot us as we went about our morning business.  I have never worked with Mikkel and was completely in awe and slightly terrified of him.  I have no idea why - by the time he left a few hours later I think we all had a crush on him (Jez and Dougal included).  He is the most charming man and incredible photographer.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the family portrait he took of us on the couch in our crazy living/dining/piano/workspace/my office  here.  It's my phone screensaver, below.

So, this week, when we got to see the book, I must admit to crying in Readings bookshop in St Kilda when I read page 222.  I did kinda lay my soul bare, and it does feel a little weird. But that's not why I cried.  I was just so happy that our girls will always have this to read. Forever.  They are really chuffed to be in the book.  Jez and I are very honoured, and guess what, I think this means that our Christmas shopping for our family is totally sorted!

Rethink: the way you live is available through Murdoch Books.  Written by Amanda Talbot.  Photos by Mikkel Vang.