Monday, January 28, 2013

the very long weekend...

our backyard blitz has started in earnest
Today, it feels a bit to me like the real first day of the year.  The traffic is back on the roads, there's a chill in the air, and I am finally getting a bit of work focus (my work efforts have been extremely sporadic thus far).

We spent the Australia Day long weekend doing two things - firstly, starting work on our backyard, which, since the arrival of Dougal the digger three years ago, has gone from lush green, to a repulsive lunar landscape.  All I can say is it's lucky he's so cute..... We tackled a quick paint job, giving the pool wall a coat of Dulux's Saphire Stone, and one very faded sun lounge a spray of Pink Flamingo.  Then we started the real work, digging and levelling the soil in order to create some new stone paths and garden beds.  I'd made a trip to Fultons on Friday to buy a heap of stones for the new path - but not quite enough so I'll be back there this week - probably twice!

Secondly we've been doing some intense nursing of Annebelle - she arrived back from her school trip as sick as a dog and has literally sweated, coughed and slept for six days.  It's back to school this week so hopefully she's on the mend!

So, I guess it's back to it!  Roll on 2013!



  1. I had a can of Pink Flamingo in my hand at one point on the weekend too! Great colour choice for the pool wall, the pink chairs look great in front of it.

  2. I love your colours together Heather.
    I hope Annebelle is feeling well again soon.
    Tania xx

  3. It must have been the weekend for painting. I love the fence colour! Lisa xo

  4. Love the hot pink garden accessories ... we're a year or two away from renovating our newly acquired garden but i'll be keeping this colour scheme in mind! Love your work!