Sunday, February 24, 2013

delicious art, on a plate...

As a daily stalker, I am always filling my imaginary cart with their wonderful ceramic plates - they are arty, whimsical, colourful and fun - which is pretty much the criteria for turning my head. and earning a place in my home.

I bought the set of four 'Nature' plates at Anthro whilst in the States last year, and these formed the basis of my Sunday Age Savvy Shopper round-up of all the beautiful ceramic plates available both here and online.

If kooky is your style, you can't look past LA based artist Angela Rossi, whose Altered Antiques range is available in Melbourne through Third Drawer Down.

Another Australian online retailer with a fab range of ceramics is, who stock the stunning ranges by UK graphic designer Lou Rota, including my second favourite one seen above, The Jackdaw and the Lily of the Valley.

No prizes for guessing my favourite - yes, it the goldie in the sweater - called 'Max, Fourth Grade'  by Angela Rossi from Third Drawer Down. Heaven!

Oh, and the beautiful wallpaper running down the left of the page is available through Jimmy Cricket

Here is the page that appeared in the Sunday Age M magazine yesterday. Story and styling by Heather Nette King, Photo by Mike Baker, copyright Fairfax media.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

seeing spots and pink elephants...

photo by Heather Nette King
I am seeing spots and pink elephants, but no, I have not had too many champagnes.  I am simply looking at this darling new cushion that I picked up at the Scarlet Jones sale today.  I didn't get there  when the sale started yesterday but each time I saw Lynn's feed on instagram I kinda grinded my teeth and wished I was there.  If you are now grinding your teeth I suggest you get there.  Quick sticks.


Monday, February 18, 2013

at home today...

Photo: Heather Nette King

Ah, finally a day at home. To catch my breath, do a (very little) bit of cleaning, answer some emails and hopefully, put fingers to typepad and get some magazine stories written. First thing this morning though, I rescued some gorgeous Pierre de Ronsard roses and some gardenias from my garden before the rain ruined them.  The poor Agave was so potbound  - when I moved it I just popped it into some water to give it time to breathe until I find a pot beautiful enough to replant it in. The heady, musky scent from that corner of my lounge is too-die-for!

I have spent so much time lately in studios and other peoples houses that it feels extra great to be here, in my crazy, messy, overflowing, psuedo-prop-store, child and pet filled home.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gorgeous nursery inspiration from Dulux

I am so, so excited to share these images from Dulux's brand new 'Inspiring Nursery Ideas' campaign that I styled late last year.  What a dream brief! Together with the amazing Bree Leech, Dulux's Colour & Communications Expert, and the extremely clever Leanne Pearce, Dulux's Senior Brand Manager,  we came up with six very differently themed nurseries - from the traditional pink or blue rooms through to the hipster baby cave.

It was such fun, buzzing around town collecting the props to bring these themes to life.  And I have gotta say, baby furniture has come a long way in the (not that many) years since we were buying it. Babies are sooo cool these days.

I got to work with amazing photographer Jesper Nielsen for the first time (he was ably assisted by gorgeous Rebecca Newman), and over the course of a week, six rooms at three locations were transformed into the most adorable nurseries - a girl could almost get clucky! (just kiddin' Jez).

I need to give a massive thanks to all of the companies who supplied the furniture and props - you can find a full listing of suppliers at the Dulux website).

And, also over at the Dulux site, you can download the instructions for creating the paint effects and some of the craft ideas.  I highly recommend the beautiful scallop pattern on the fireplace in the 'Dreamy Baby' room - we used my lounge room for that shot, and I loved the look so much we've kept it!

And now - can you guess which is my favourite room? ps, no prizes.... I am way too predictable for that.


Dulux Inspiring Nurseries campaign

For Dulux:
Leanne Pearce, Senior Brand Manager
Bree Leech,  Colour & Communications expert

Photographer: Jesper Nielsen
Assistant: Rebecca Newman

Clemenger BBDO
Melissa Scott, Senior Account Director
Tanya Green, Senior Communications Manager
Shane Dawson, Art Director
Nicholas Short, Production Manager

Heather Nette King

Advising Midwife
Shevaun O'Loghlan

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Masterchef The Professionals shoot with Marco Pierre White and Matt Preston

Marco Pierre White and Matt Preston, Masterchef The Professionals Australia 2103.
Photo by John Tsiavis and styling by Heather Nette King
Occasionally I get to style things other than fabulous chairs, rugs and homes.  And I love it.

Here are some pic's from a shoot I styled late last year, one that turned out to be a highlight of my 2012.  I've long been an admirer of John Tsiavis' celebrity portraits (check out his site - in particular the amazing shots of Chris Lilley), so when he called me to see if I could create some sets for a Masterchef The Professionals shoot I was, well, kinda beside myself with excitement.  Network Ten had commissioned John to shoot the publicity images for the new show - and John's creative concepts involved my styling four of the sets.  The shoot was just one week away, so of course I dropped everything else and started sourcing...

I can show you two of the shots - the rest have been embargoed 'til they appear in the press - but I think these may be my fave's.  The first is a lush, hyper-real Tuscan deli - well it's clearly shot in a studio, but the styling was designed to be rich and layered, evoking the warm, sensory delights of a traditional Italian delicatessen. We wanted to be able to smell the coffee, the basil and the smallgoods, to hear the subtle crunch of sawdust underfoot. Many trips to prop hire stores, deli suppliers and of course, that Brunswick institution, Mediterranean Wholesalers ensued - plus a quick visit to my mate Jen's to climb a step-ladder and raid her olive bushes. I adore this deli shot, and it makes me smile when I see Matt holding the small, 1950s amber espresso glass that belonged to my late grandmother, Thelma Nette.

Marco Pierre White and Matt Preston in Masterchef The Professionals Australia 2013
Photo by John Tsiavis, styling by Heather Nette King.

Now, I am no food stylist...and I am pretty sure that I have never, ever, publicly talked up my skills in the culinary department. Yes. I can do the basics, and I do bake a cracking pavlova, but that's just about it... So when John and his Photographic Producer, John O'Rourke, mentioned the need for some perfectly formed spaghetti and meatballs, I may have trotted out the line, "Sure, not a problem".  I mean, how hard could that be?  Then I went home googled 'Marco Pierre White' and I got the result... 'best chef in the world'.  It's fair to say I panicked.

Sooooo, what's a girl (who'd prefer to eat than cook any fine food) to do when she has to prepare a dish for the best chef in the world?  Why, she calls in the services of her darling friend of 30-odd years, Di Pedersen.  I literally said to her, "hey Di, can you whip me up some exquisitely formed meatballs for the best chef in the world?", and she came back at me, "yeah. OK."  Bless that unflappable woman.  We did a bit of a dry run, which from memory involved more champagne than spag bol (see below), but of course, this natural cook came through with the most perfectly formed balls of deliciousness, 

The shoot was long and intense, but so much fun, and truly satisfying.  Marco and Matt were consummate gentlemen, and a pleasure to work with.

I cant wait to share the rest of the shots with you!

Masterchef The Professional Australia 2013, publicity stills photographed by John Tsiavis. Produced by John O'Rourke. Photographer's Assistant, Reuben Gates. Client: Network Ten / Shine Productions Australia. Wardrobe and Mak-up by Network Ten. Set styling by Heather Nette King. Meatballs by Di!

Marco Pierre White and Matt Preston, Masterchef The Professionals, cover of The Herald Sun TV Guide. photo by John Tsiavis, styling by Heather Nette King.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here's a round-up of few of my favourite wooden pieces on the market  - some new, some classics, all beautiful.

This image appeared in the Sunday Age M magazine yesterday.  Story and styling by me. Photo by Mike Baker. Copyright owned by Fairfax Media.

Please email me or comment for stockist details


Saturday, February 2, 2013


A lovely gift from beautiful Kirsty inspired me to clean up my vintage gold tea set collection and display them on top of the piano yesterday.  The little set was my grandmothers - don't just just love miniatures?  Of anything?